This educational video is a collaborative production by the students and faculty of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University as part of the EPIC Project. I wrote the script and animated the entire piece using Adobe Animate. (Please note, I did not do the audio work in this piece.)

This is a project I made in my Sound Design I class. It is a recreation of an environment, in my case a run down apartment in a futuristic city beside a fast moving highway. The main protagonist, Ren, arrives home after a long day and begins her third attempt at repairing a robot. It was edited in Garage Band and mastered in Adobe Audition.
Credits and Attributions:
• Voice of Ren: Sydney Mingori
• Voice of Felix: Kaitlyn
• Voice of the Computer: Romar Morales
• Voice of the Microwave: Also Sydney Mingori
This is a short video essay I made called “My Broken Camera”.
Credits and Attributions:
• Computer Noise by Matucha of
• Baseball Hit and Crowd Cheer by AmishRob of

This is a short song I made on Garage Band. It’s called “Space Jazz”. Music isn’t really my forte, but it is something I want to learn more about for sure!

I’ve decided to display some of my 3d work in Modo here! These are all some various projects I have done. The piece in the top right corner is actually based on some fantasy object illustrations by Heather Murray!

I modeled and textured a 3d model of a character of mine named Felix! They are an old character of mine that I have had over the years. You can actually see them on my character design page and in the audio project above on this page