Alien City Posters


These three posters are part of a project in which I was required to simply make three posters that are visually different while all still contain the same theme. My theme was “Posters you would see in an alien city”. The first poster is of a real estate business’s current listings, the second is a grocery store advertisement, and the final is a safety warning poster. I designed the exact alien species that are showcased in each poster as well as their written language.

While it wasn’t part of the assignment, I wanted to really emphasize the effect of a foreign language so I came up with a solution: Custom fonts! Instead of hand writing the alien letters by hand, I designed a couple of fonts so that I could quickly type the areas of text I wanted in the posters. To make my life easier, I just made a different character for each letter in the English alphabet. While a couple of the words in the various posters can be translated into English, the majority of it is pure gibberish. As a fun fact, the logo for the real estate agency translates to “Kaipo”, which means nothing but sounds cute!

Tools Used:

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio Pant

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