Autism – Kids Educational Video


This educational video is a collaborative production by the students and faculty of Kendall College of Art and Design as part of the EPIC Project. I was tasked to create audio for this animation and lend out my voice to fellow classmates to be used in their own projects.


  • Animation by Faith Rietema
  • Boy in Orange & Girl by Grace Morin
  • Boy in Yellow voice acting by Steven Timmis provided by Mayu Yoshida
  • 100 Bpm Samba Guitar by frankiejazzit
  • “Laugh.wav” by Chinpen
  • “Laugh Man_2 20 years old.wav” by Sr_santos
  • “On_Bus.aif” by Amszala
  • “Sparkly.wav” by Opticaillusions
  • “Success Fanfare Trumpets.mp3” by FunWithSound
  • “Woosh” by Qubodup
  • Tools Used:

    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition


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    Posted on

    March 3, 2022