Brick By Brick: A Look At Legos


This is an interactive infographic about the design and manufacturing process of a given set at the Lego company that is designed for all ages using fun, colorful, imagery and shapes that Lego is best known for! Brick By Brick: A Look At Legos is a, non-commerical, fan-made interactive infographic and is in no way affiliated with the LEGO Group or its line of products.

Asides from this video demonstration, I have a live version of the infographic you can actually mess around with on your computer! Please note: This was not designed for mobile devices. Additionally, due to an error in programming, the audio is not quite mixed properly so don’t have your audio up very high when interacting with the project.


  • Various sounds from LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game
  • “Airlock bubbles.wav” by BeeProductive
  • “Bamboo Swing, C3.wav” & “Bamboo Swing, C5.wav” by InspectorL
  • “Dry whiteboard marker on white board” by Blouhond
  • “Heavy Mechanical Door Open” by Lowpolygon
  • “Keyboard sound” by AbianTang
  • “Lazy” by Dee Yan-Key
  • “LEGO Brick falling (Distance)” by AndreasWebdev
  • “Mouse clicks.mp3” by Philip1789
  • “TaDa!.wav” by Jimhancock
  • “Toys_Legos_Shaken-Dropped_by-JGrimm.wav” by Monnie101
  • Tools Used:

    Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator