Ghosts of Grand Rapids – The GRAM

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This video was produced for my Professional Studio 1 class, in which we created a working prototype for a walking tour app for your mobile device that guided you around various locations in downtown Grand Rapids that are reported to be haunted by ghosts! Each student was given a location to research and produce a video that would pop up and educate each visitor at a given location as well as create a poster that served as the special image for the location.

Asides from the video, we were tasked to create a logo for the guided tour itself, my design was chosen as the winning design and my suggestion of “Walking Ghost Stories” as the name of the tour. This project was a huge undertaking and I was delighted to be assigned the Grand Rapids Art Museum as my haunted location. Have fun watching!


  • Audio/Video Editing, Writing, and Illustrative Work by myself
  • Ladies of the Night and Startled Girl by yours truly!
  • Narration by Noah Krakowski
  • Security Guard by Evan Polosky
  • 1874 Sanborn Fire Insurance map for Grand Rapids, Michigan (Coll. 481) by Grand Rapids History & Special Collections Department. Image provided by the Grand Rapids Public Library Archives
  • Old Paper Blank Page Texture by by Chris Fiedler
  • “04622 tavern ambience – looping.wav” by Robinhood76
  • “071416 Victor Victrola open and close top lid.wav” by Thaighaudio
  • “Card placed on table.wav” by Filmfan87
  • “Carti X TrippieRed Type Melody – Tak3Off Loop” by Tak3Off
  • “Creepy Guitar X Old Ways By KWils” by Prodbykwils
  • “Dark Score” by BeatsbyElias
  • “Footsteps.wav” by Cmusounddesign
  • “G16-05-Casino Ambience.wav” by Craigsmith
  • “Glass clinking.aif” by MAJ061785
  • “Gramophone record player end 08.mp3” by TRP
  • “Horror ghost 02.wav” by Klankbeeld
  • “Male_Medium_Breathing_01” by Artmasterrich
  • “Man-screaming.wav” by Mariateresa_garcia
  • “PaperGrab.wav” by Harrisando
  • “Running on ground” by Disagree
  • “Short Crunchy Splat” by TomchikRec
  • “Sousa’s Band: A Hot Time in the Old Town (1903)” – Archived, recorded, and generously provided by Jim Middleton
  • “Switch 21.wav” by Patchytherat
  • “”Vent Duct.wav” by Kiefspoon
  • “Woosh_01.wav” by Glaneur de sons
  • “Woosh” by Qubodup
  • Tools Used:

    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint