“Good Morning” – Environment Audio Project


This is a project I made in my Sound Design I class. It is a recreation of an environment, in my case a run down apartment in a futuristic city beside a fast moving highway. The main protagonist, Ren, arrives home after a long day and begins her third attempt at repairing a robot… Will she succeed? For best listening quality, please wear headphones.


  • Voice of Computer by Romar Morales
  • Voice of Felix by Hemmy
  • Voice of Ren and the Microwave by Sydney Mingori
  • This project also contained many sounds sourced fromFreesound.org as well as a fair number of sound effects I recorded myself, however, due to some files going missing, I am unable to properly cite which person made what. If you are the creator of one of the sounds used in this project, please reach out to me and I will gladly credit you.

    Tools Used:

    Adobe Audition, Garage Band