Rockford Squire Newspaper Spread 3/25/21


This was a front page I designed for one of the newspaper issues I have made during my time working at The Rockford Squire. I was really pleased with this one because I managed to use the images available to me to make a very unified color palate (at least in the upper half). It is difficult pull off aesthetic choices like this because I often have very little control over the pictures we use, so this was stroke of luck for me!

What I do when making newspaper pages:
My job as a graphic designer at The Rockford Squire consists of making advertisements and in this instance, making newspaper pages. I design a blueprint of where all the ads are going to go in the newspaper then I use that to make the page itself in InDesign. The goal is to fit as much copy as I can on the pages while still having fairly good sized article photos and plenty of room to breathe between the ads. The pages vary greatly depending on what articles we have to run and if they have their own special format or not.

Tools Used:

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

Having trouble reading/viewing text and details?

  • On your computer:  All images can be expanded when clicking on them, however, if it’s not enough, right click on an image, then select “Open Image in New Tab” in the sub-menu that pops up. Once in the new tab you can click the image and zoom in with a much greater scale.
  • On your phone: Use your two fingers to pitch the screen and zoom in with ease.