Toxic Masculinity – Kids Educational Animation


This educational video is a collaborative production by the students and faculty of Kendall College of Art and Design as part of the EPIC Project. I was tasked to create this short, simple, animation as well as create the audio to go along with it.


  • Animation and Sound Design by myself
  • Brunete Boy by Steven Timmis provided by Mayu Yoshida
  • Red Headed Boy by Cameron Schleicher
  • “Anime_drama_shing_sword_2.wav” by Euphrosyyn
  • “Big Bang Simple Heavy Trap Full Drums” by NewNation
  • “Concrete_11a_sneakers_walk.wav” by Sturmankin
  • “Cue Scratch.wav” by Racche
  • “Kid LAROI X Nick Mira Guitar Loop” by LouisVlane

  • “School Cafeteria Ambience”
    by Steeltowngaming
  • “Sidewalk Shade – slower” by Kevin MacLeod (License)
  • Tools Used:

    Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition